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What’s New in Tile – Size, Material, Grout – Oh My!

Whats-New-in-Tile-Size-Material-Grout-Oh-My.jpgTile adds character and warmth to backsplashes and floors throughout your home. If you haven’t completed a home renovation in a while, you may not be familiar with the types of tile available. Luckily, we’ve included everything you need to know about the newest options out there.

Tile Types for the Kitchen and Bathroom

You’ll find an overwhelming selection of tiles available for your kitchen and bath, including:

  • Reclaimed Wood Tiles: No two pieces of these reclaimed wood tiles are identical. Due to variations in colors and wood grains, they’ll quickly become the focal point of the room, whether you use them on bathroom or kitchen backsplashes.
  • Chevrons and Herringbones: These zig-zag patterns are the hot new trend for floors and walls. You’ll find them in resin, porcelain, stone and brick tiles.
  • Artistic Tiles: Want to create a permanent mural on your wall? Several manufacturers offer tiles featuring artwork. Whether you want to include a few tiles as accent pieces or plan to cover your entire wall or backsplash with the tiles, you’ll find plenty of designs available.
  • Faux Marble: When you want the look of marble but don’t want to pay the price, faux marble offers an excellent alternative. The porcelain tile looks amazingly like the real thing and can be used on bath surrounds and kitchen and bathroom backsplashes.
  • Metallic Tiles: Whether you opt for an occasional touch of metal or a complete of wall of it, metallic tiles are a popular design choice for kitchens and bathrooms alike.

New Tile Flooring Options

Want to update your floor tiles? Try one of these popular choices:

  • Engineered Tiles: Stone tiles add beauty to any room, but they can be a little cold during the winter. Engineered stones, made of limestone and other materials, are warmer and softer on your feet.
  • Concrete Tiles: This tough material is available in a variety of colors and styles to complement any room and also features rustic finishes and soft colors.
  • Calacatta Faux Marble: You’ll find it hard to believe that these tiles are made of porcelain, not marble. Grey veining on the white background gives the tiles their authentic appearance.
  • Brick Tiles: Brick tiles are much easier to install than real bricks and are available in rustic, natural, painted and metallic versions.
  • Faux Wood Tiles: Thanks to improvements in digital printing, porcelain tiles can be made to look just like real wood. The tiles are incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Outdoor Options

Boring concrete isn’t the only choice for walkways and patios. Tiles are just as durable and improve the appearance of your outdoor spaces. Consider one of these outdoor options:

  • Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles are so versatile because they can be made to look like virtually any natural material, including stone and wood. They’re a good choice when you want to liven up a patio or walkway.
  • Natural Stone: Limestone, quartz and slate are excellent choices for outdoor areas. These stones complement your landscaping and blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.

Grout Ties Your Floor or Wall Together

After you choose your tile, you’ll still have to decide which type of grout will best complement your selection. Grout doesn’t just help bond your floor or wall tiles together, but also improves the look of the tiles. Choose grout in a similar color for a more uniform appearance, or select a contrasting color to make the tiles pop.

Think big – and small – when choosing tiles. Oversized tiles are a popular trend for floors and walls and are easier to install than smaller versions. Tiny glass mosaic tiles are still in demand for kitchen and bathroom renovations. They’re not only attractive, but easy to clean as well.

Ready to transform your house with a custom home renovation? We’ll fill you in on all the current trends and help you create an attractive, livable space you’ll enjoy for years to come. Call us to get the process started. 


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