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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Storage

Posted on Jul 04, 2016 in Pennsylvania, Remodeling Ideas, Main Line, Home Storage

The-Ultimate-Cheat-Sheet-on-Storage.jpg“A place for everything and everything in its place” sounds like great advice, but sometimes, finding the perfect place for your belongings can be a challenge. No matter what the size of your house, good storage options prevent clutter from taking over your home. This cheat sheet explores a variety of ways you can add storage to key areas of your home.

Make the Most of Your Garage

Is your garage so full that there’s no room for your car? Corralling the clutter will not only protect your vehicle from the elements, but also make it easier to find a screwdriver when you need it. Since most garages don’t have many windows, they offer abundant wall space for storage.

Hang It Up

Adding slatwalls or pegboards to your walls is a simple way to increase your storage options. Slatwalls consist of panels featuring a series of horizontal slats. Shelves, cabinets, and hooks are attached to the slats with metal brackets.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive tool storage option, pegboard is an excellent choice. The boards became a popular storage option decades ago and still remain a good choice today. A pegboard holds hand tools on a series of hooks attached to small holes in the board.

Go Big - Consider a Garage Cabinet & Rack System

For the ultimate way to maximize garage storage, consider a purpose-built system. Several manufacturers offer wall-mounted systems of mix-and-match cabinets, shelves and racking. These can be great for general storage, and can be dialed-in to suit the specific needs of DIY mechanics and carpenters, as well.

Here’s some Garage Storage Options we like:

Although the best storage system for you depends on your personal preferences, these systems all offer good value for your money:

  • Flow Wall: The Flow Wall system uses slatwalls to hold cabinets, bins and shelves. Since these items are attached with metal hangers, they can be easily moved if you decide you’d like to reconfigure your storage wall in the future.
  • Rubbermaid Fast Track: Do bicycles, ladders, and other items take up too much floor space in your garage? Hang them on the wall instead. The Rubbermaid Fast Track system uses rails attached to studs to hold everything from your tiniest wrench to that 14-foot extension ladder.
  • Gladiator: Tools are easy to store, thanks to the Gladiator GearWall system. The company also offers wheeled tool chests, cabinets and maple work surfaces that can turn a floor cabinet into a convenient work table.

Better Kitchen Storage

No matter how big or small your kitchen, storage can be an issue. Sometimes it’s not so much that you renovation, add new base cabinets featuring drawer inserts to make the most of your cabinet space. lack storage, but that your existing configuration just doesn’t meet your needs. If you’re planning a home Store pots and pans in one drawer and lids in another, or take advantage of the drawer space to house your wine collection.

If new cabinets aren’t in your budget, retrofit your existing cabinets with Rev-A-Shelf accessories. The company offers a variety of pull-out products that hold pots and pans, dishes, utensils, spices, food and cleaning supplies.

Ikea is a great place for kitchen organization ideas and supplies. With a dizzying variety of drawer inserts, spice organizers, backsplash-mounted storage systems and more, Ikea is our go-to source for kitchen organization.

Take Advantage of Every Inch of Basement Space

If your basement has become your home’s black hole, adding storage solutions will help you ensure that tools and toys never make their way to the basement only to disappear forever. Take advantage of the full height of your basement and install tall shelves. Not only will you make the most of the space, but you’ll also keep items off the floor, preventing them from being damaged if a leak occurs.

Take a cue from warehouse organizers and arrange shelving in rows during basement remodeling. You’ll be able to fit more shelving units in your basement, and you can label each shelf to make it easy to find the tools or supplies you need. Place the items you store in clear or color-coded containers to make it even easier to find things quickly.

Are you frustrated by the lack of storage in your home? Call us and find out how we can create innovative and stylish storage solutions that are perfect for you.


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