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Our Take On: Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

Posted on Aug 06, 2016 in Pennsylvania, Vanities, Bathroom Remodeling, Paoli

Our-Take-On--Bathroom-Sinks-and-Vanities.jpgThe bathroom used to be the most ignored room in the house. Since many bathrooms were small and rarely used, it made sense to choose bland, budget vanities and sinks, but over the years, our homes and lifestyles have changed dramatically.

Homeowners today want large bathrooms that are just as stylish as the rest of the house. Whether you visit a local store or check out the options online, you’ll find a dizzyingly large array of vanities and sinks available. Before you begin a bathroom remodel in Wayne, Phoenixville or the surrounding areas, have a look at our take on modern bathrooms, sinks and vanities.

Sinks Add Style and Color to Your Bathroom Renovation

Manufacturers still produce the traditional sinks you’ve seen in bathrooms for years, but if you want to add a more modern feel to your bathroom, consider one of these options:

  • Vessel Sinks: Vessel sinks sit on top of the vanity and often look like large, decorative bowls. Many homeowners choose round, oval or square vessel sinks, but you’ll also find sinks that resemble flower petals or models hewn from a slab of stone. Stainless steel, vitreous china, glass and carved stone models are available in a variety of colors.
  • Pedestal Sinks: Pedestal sinks are so old they’re new again. Today’s pedestal sinks look nothing like the type your grandma used. Many offer a V-shaped design that gently tapers from the sink to the floor, while others offer a sleek, updated version of the traditional pedestal. They’re available in copper, ceramic, vitreous china and other materials, and they’re a good choice when space is limited.
  • Integrated Sinks: You won’t notice a rim or edge between the countertop and sink when you choose an integrated sink, which makes them much easier to clean. Although they’ve been used in kitchens for years, they’re becoming more popular in the bathroom, too. Integrated sinks are usually incorporated in granite or solid-surface countertops.
  • Console Sinks: Console sinks look a lot like pedestal sinks, but they’re supported by two or four legs instead of a pedestal. They’re usually made with vitreous china or ceramic.
  • Wall-Hung Sinks: These sinks are mounted directly to the wall, freeing up floor space underneath. They’re a good choice if you prefer an airy, minimalist feel to your bathroom, and they are also very convenient for wheelchair users. Wall-hung sinks are often made with traditional materials, but you’ll also find glass and stone versions.

Fixture Choices Complement Your Sink Choice

Modern sinks need equally modern fixtures. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of contemporary choices, ranging from faucets that look like wood or bamboo to brushed nickel and copper models. Waterfall faucets are a very popular choice, as are automatic, hands-free faucets.

Thanks to green remodeling trends, you’ll find a variety of water-saving faucets that will not only save you money on your water bill, but will also help the environment. Low-flow aerators add air to the water stream to reduce water usage without affecting pressure.

Vanities Make a Design Statement

Selecting the perfect vanity can be a little challenging, due to the abundance of contemporary choices available. You’ll be able to choose from styles including:

  • Furniture-Inspired Vanities: If they didn’t have a sink, these vanities would be right at home in your living room. They often feature feet, rich woods and stylish, intricate designs that make your bathroom feel more luxurious.
  • Floating Vanities: Floating vanities don’t extend to the floor. Instead, they’re attached to the wall and seem almost to float in space.
  • Contemporary Cabinets: Contemporary cabinets skip the traditional framed doors and drawers in favor of sleek, frameless versions. They also often feature curves and angles, making them a good choice for modern bathrooms.

The Best Vanities Offer Plenty of Storage

Your new bathroom will quickly become cluttered without enough storage options. Keep those toiletries and other essentials hidden in built-in, floor-to-ceiling cabinets that match your vanity. Pullout drawers will keep your shampoos and other bottled products in one convenient area, and larger pullouts can hold hair-styling accessories. Adding a shelf to the area under a floating vanity or wall mount sink is the perfect way to gain additional storage and show off your colorful towels and accessories.

Are you ready to begin a bathroom renovation but don’t know where to start? Call us and we’ll help you evaluate the choices and create a bathroom that reflects your personal style.


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