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Lies Remodeling TV Tells You

Posted on Jul 18, 2017 in

We’ve all lost huge swaths of our Saturdays watching home remodeling shows on cable networks like HGTV. Where will Joanna of Fixer Upper put shiplap[…]

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Aging in Place: Remodeling Your Home with an Eye to the Future

Posted on Jul 10, 2017 in

We’re getting more questions about remodeling and designing for aging in place, whether it’s for older parents or homeowners planning for the years[…]

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In Progress: Melding Old and New in a Farmhouse Remodel & Addition in Chester County

Posted on Jun 26, 2017 in

We join this whole-house remodel and addition in Chester County already in progress. The scope of this project is far-reaching, but it's going to be be[…]

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Bang for the Buck: Home Remodeling Projects that Add Value in the Philadelphia Area

Posted on Jun 19, 2017 in


If you're wondering what home remodeling projects make the most financial sense when it comes to the value of your Philadelphia-area home, we've got[…]

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Bathroom Remodeling: Choose the Right Sink

Posted on Jun 13, 2017 in Bathroom Remodeling

 If you've never tackled a bathroom remodeling project, you might think choosing the sink will be no problem. But the sheer number of choices can be[…]

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Hot Stuff: 5 Stoves SCD Clients Love for Kitchen Remodels

Posted on May 29, 2017 in kitchen remodels

Our clients make some great decisions when we're selecting stoves and other appliances for their kitchen remodels. But every one of our projects is[…]

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In Progress: The Almost-Empty Nest in Chester County

First Look at the Kitchen and Master Bath Renovation

We just started another great project. The homeowners raised their kids here, but now that they’re[…]

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Your Path to Design+Build Success: The SCD Process

Through the years we have learned that there are just as many design+build processes as there are design+build firms out there.  But which process[…]

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7 Cool Kitchen Design “Must-Haves” from SCD Clients

Remodeling your kitchen can bring you much joy, endless possibilities for cooking inspiration, and fantastic resale value.  While planning your dream[…]

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Making the Most of the Modern Bath Tub

Posted on Aug 11, 2016 in Pennsylvania, Malvern, Bathroom Remodeling, Soaking Tub

Today’s bathtubs are more luxurious than ever, with high-tech features that turn a simple bath into the ultimate relaxation experience. Although you’ll[…]

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