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A Trend We Love: Concrete Countertops

Posted on Jul 02, 2014 in

Concrete countertops are completely customizable and great for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and outdoor spaces!

You'd be amazed at how versatile a concrete countertop can be in look, shape and feel. That's why we use them so often in our remodeling projects. It can work in every design aesthetic from modern to rustic and even in traditional spaces. Our clients love the unique look of concrete countertops and so do we. We thought we'd share some Spring Creek Design project photos and provide some information about concrete countertops that you may not know.

Frequently asked questions about concrete countertops.

1. What exactly is it? Concrete is made from rocks, sand, cement binder and water. You can even find sustainable versions that use recycled content. Its weight is similar to granite.

Concrete countertop

2. How are concrete countertops made? They can be pre-cast at a manufacturer's shop or cast in place on-site. The shape or size typically dictates the way it's fabricated and installed. When you have a particularly unusual shape it will usually be cast in place and poured on-site. Pre-cast manufacturing allows more customization options in color, texture and other specializations such as integrated drains, cutouts, drawers, etc.

Concrete countertop

3. What type of colors and finishes are available? Nearly any color can be made and finishes can range from diamond polished to rough patterns. You can add stainless steel inserts, decorative aggregate stones, glass chips, personal mementos, or fiber optic lighting. It really is a piece of art that has been created based on your selections.

concrete countertop

4. What type of maintenance is required? Concrete is a porous material and requires sealing just like granite. Non-abrasive cleaners should be used and periodic waxing is required for polished finishes. With use, they can develop a patina which is part of its appeal.

bathroom concrete countertop

5. Where should I use a concrete countertop? Spring Creek Design clients have used concrete in all types of remodeled spaces: kitchens, bathrooms, basement, and outdoor kitchens. Its a particularly good option for outdoor use due to its sturdiness and easy maintenance.

outdoor bar concrete countertop


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